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Washing machine fills with water (once it is on)

If the washing machine keeps taking in water till it is completely filled, it may be due to one of the following:

  • The fault may be cause by a blocked pressure switch hose – this normally runs from the bottom hose to the pressure switch at the top of the machine. The pressure switch reacts to the air pressure in the hose, which changes when the machine takes in water and the air pressure in the hose sends a signal to the timer to cut off the water supply, when the right amount of water is reached. In the case that it is a blocked pressure switch hose, (it will typically be blocked from dirt and left over soap), the air pressure in the hose will not change and the pressure switch will therefore not register the amount of water, which results in the machine continuing to take in water.
    Rinse out the hose by disconnecting it and soaking it in lukewarm water.
  • The fault may be due to a defective pressure switch, which can result in it no longer sending a signal once the right amount of water is reached – see the above section for an explanation on the function of the pressure switch. Purchase a new pressure switch for your washing machine here.
    Please be aware that most washing machines have several pressure switches, as the water levels on a delicate wash is higher than on main wash programs. In case only one of the pressure switches is defective you will find that the machine will wash correctly on some of the programs, while it will fill completely with water on other programs.
  • The fault may be due to a defect solenoid valve, (also called water valve), which can result in the machine continuing to take in water. Purchase a solenoid valve for your washing machine here.

  • Professional universal descaler (1 kg)
    This professional descaler is one of our top sellers in the Professional series. With this descaler you will practically be able to descale anything. Use it to descale the washing machine, the iron, the coffee machine or something else entirely. The descaler comes in a large 1 kilo bucket, sufficient for several descaling cycles.

    If you use the descaler for your washing machine, simply fill 1 dl of descaler in the detergent compartment and run a 60 degree wash.

    If you use the descaling agent for an iron or coffee machine, be sure to dissolve the descaling agent before filling it in the water tank.

    NB! Please note that descaling will only be necessary in areas with hard water. Read more about the degree of water hardness and its significance.
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
    Read more.

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