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The water runs right through the machine

If the water runs right through the washing machine - i.e. the machine keeps takes in and lets out water at the same time, it may be due to one of the following:
  • The fault may be caused by problems with the installation of the drain hose – be aware that this fault can easily occur after a longer period of problem free function. If the end of the hose ends under the water level in the washing machine, it will create pressure and the water will get sucked out of the machine. The washing machine has a pressure switch, which ensures that the washing machine gets the right water intake and when this does not happen, the washing machine will keep taking in water.
    It is recommended that the hose installation be about 80-90 cm above the floor. This can be done by putting the hose in a loosely fitted plastic pipe installed in the drain.

Examples of incorrect installation of the drain hose include the following:

  1. The water hose lies along the floor.
  2. The hose is hanging on the edge of the toilet in the hanger that came with the washing machine.
  3. The water hose stops over the water level, but is fitted on the outside of the drainpipe. This way the drainpipe works as an extension and thereby pressure is created.
  4. The hose is raised above floor height and in the recommended height of 80-90 cm, but the washing machine is standing on a platform, plinth, washing rack or like wise, whereby the water level in the washing machine is higher than the end of the hose, and thereby pressure is created.

  • Professional universal descaler (1 kg)
    This professional descaler is one of our top sellers in the Professional series. With this descaler you will practically be able to descale anything. Use it to descale the washing machine, the iron, the coffee machine or something else entirely. The descaler comes in a large 1 kilo bucket, sufficient for several descaling cycles.

    If you use the descaler for your washing machine, simply fill 1 dl of descaler in the detergent compartment and run a 60 degree wash.

    If you use the descaling agent for an iron or coffee machine, be sure to dissolve the descaling agent before filling it in the water tank.

    NB! Please note that descaling will only be necessary in areas with hard water. Read more about the degree of water hardness and its significance.
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
    Read more.

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