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The washing machine smells

If your washing machine smells like rotten eggs, sour or mouldy smell, the reasons may be one of the following:

  • If the washing machine smells sour, it may be due to an over dosage of soap. An over dosage of soap will often create a coating on the outside of the drum. This coating can be several millimetres thick, and with time it will infuse a smell into the clothing during and after wash. To get rid of the soap coating we recommend that you use this washing machine cleaner.
  • If the washing machine smells like rotten eggs or sewage like, the fault may be that the drain hose is wrongly mounted or that there is dirt in the water lock. When mounted correctly the drain hose is placed before the water lock. When using floor drain the water lock is often built into the floor, but with kitchen installations the water lock is the u-shaped part of the drainpipe.
  • If the washing machine smells mouldy, it may be because the door has been shut for a longer period of time. When the washing machine is not in use, the door should always be open to avoid bad odour. It may also help to have the soap drawer pulled out a little, so fresh air can get through this way as well.

If you have gone through all of the above without finding the cause of the smell, it may be due to a lack of machine maintenance.

  • Professional universal descaler (1 kg)
    This professional descaler is one of our top sellers in the Professional series. With this descaler you will practically be able to descale anything. Use it to descale the washing machine, the iron, the coffee machine or something else entirely. The descaler comes in a large 1 kilo bucket, sufficient for several descaling cycles.

    If you use the descaler for your washing machine, simply fill 1 dl of descaler in the detergent compartment and run a 60 degree wash.

    If you use the descaling agent for an iron or coffee machine, be sure to dissolve the descaling agent before filling it in the water tank.

    NB! Please note that descaling will only be necessary in areas with hard water. Read more about the degree of water hardness and its significance.
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
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