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The washing machine program cannot be set or changed

  • Probable faultProgram selector switch

    If the washing machine's program cannot be set – or you cannot change it to something other than what it set to – it is probably due to a faulty program selector. On some washing machines the program selector is built into the control unit and on other washing machines the program selector is a separate switch. If you are unsure whether your model has a separate switch or program selector built into the control module, you can contact us here. Remember to provide as much information as possible from the washing machine's name plate.

    Needed spare part

    Control unit / program selector switch

    You can replace the vast majority of spare parts in your washing machine yourself - including this one. Find control unit or program selector switch here at Nettoparts.

    Find control unit Find program selector switch

  • Professional descaler for dishwasher (1 kg)
    I reality descaling the dishwasher really shouldn’t be necessary. The dishwasher softens (and hereby removes limestone) the water via the water softener.

    Therefore: IF you need to descale the dishwasher, you should first check whether the salt level is set correctly.

    Once limescale has build up in the dishwasher, you will need to descale it to remove the limescale build-up.

    Here's how you do it:
    1. Fill the detergent compartment
    2. Run an empty wash at high temperature
    In stock. Del 2-3 work days.
    Read more.

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